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Posted July 22, 2016 at 02:27 am

Today's page is just an accumulation of sketches and half finished work over the year that I have been working on NDE! Personally, my favorite is young Logan in his soccer uniform because I just really like the long legs on that bean. Also I remember asking my friends to help me pick hair for Mackenzie when he was first created because I was really stumped. So....

Thank you friends, for helping give Mac his haircut. Now you can ponder what he would have looked like otherwise!!

Next week will ramp back up into pages, so thanks so much for being patient!! Love you all!! <3 


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Posted July 12, 2016 at 03:33 pm

Hey everyone!! I've been feeling realy run down and burnt out so the next few updates will be sketches or doodle comics! I apologize SO MUCH and thank you for being patient with me!! Hopefully you'll still enjoy them!! 

Today's is Logan's family, which is basically everyone that's the most immediately important to him today and while growing up. His mother, two older sisters, and one younger cousin. He got along with them all really well, and Logan is honestly such a sucker for family. I haven't had a chance to announce them all inside the comic yet, so I felt excited to be able to share them in a sketch!!


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