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Posted June 11, 2015 at 03:21 pm

Greetings this FINE THURSDAY. I always feel very undeserving of your beautiful art, but I am always absolutely ecstatic to receive them!! You guys are amazing. If I missed anyone (ahhh, I'm super sorry), or if you ever want to send me something, please poke me at my Twitter or Tumblr

The ever lovely Jackie S @ twitter! drew a beautiful Steward who definitely look like he could use that pint.

The wonderfuly truthful Sasha McGlynn @ Twitter! made an excellent point and also made me want to rewatch Little Shop of Horrors.

The sweet and rad Violet @ Twitter! captured an awesme Maela and Abrahm's beautiful mane of hair!

The amazing Bird Highwind @ Twitter! drew a pretty darn sexy Clement there.

The bestest awesomest Sarah C @ Twitter! showed Logan at what he does best -- looking angry and motioning for agression.

The absolutely badass Meike Thomas @ Twitter! (who absolutely spoils me) provided the world with Logan actualy smiling (from violence). Also a lamprey dude trying out his super starchy (but probably sweaty?) shirt, and this amazing Cat!Steward who is possiblytheperfectestversionofhimever.

The greatest catwrangler in all the west Zetallis @ Twitter and Tumblr! made the girls SUPER HOT.

and the amazing creator of MonsterKind, Taylor C @ Twitter & Tumblrrocked my world with the whole (good?) cast and oh god that Bia is so cute...

Hope you guys enjoyed scroling down as much as I did. <3


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