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Posted June 9, 2015 at 06:39 pm

Ok! Now that I'm more settled into my new apartment, things can get a bit serious! Wanted to spruce this place up a bit, and I've definitely been putting a lot of doodles and sketches all over Twitter and my Tumblr that haven't been shown here, so I def want to change that! 

I'll be sure to post something new and fun pretty regularly here while the comic's updatin' on schedule, so hope you dig! I also cannot express how much everybody's support has meant to me, and thanks so much for takin' a peek! Have a good one!

So for starts, here's all the Quick Guides to the characters from this silly comic so far! 

the man with the luscious lashes

so much hair gel!

what a prick

get those pokemons BIa

you need help, don't you buddy

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