Posted April 18, 2017 at 11:58 pm

HI!! I'm going to be in Chicago this Friday-Sun (APRIL 21st-23rd) at C2E2!! 


I'll be doing commissions the whole time I'm there, but I'm going to try something new! I'm going to do PRE-ORDERS for the TRADITIONAL INKED BUST COMMISSIONS (for 50$ for 1 character, 2 characters 80$)! 

There will be TEN SLOTS for Pre-Order, but more available at the Con itself. Please make sure that if you do PRE-ORDER a commission that you are super sure you or a friend can pick it up! If you do not, I will NOT BE MAILING ANYTHING OUT. SO PLEASE!!! I don't want you to not get your commission! If you DO send a friend in your stead, PLEASE TELL ME so I know cos otherwise I'm paranoid I'll just start handing out commissions to random people...!!

If you would like to reserve yourself a slot, please @me on Twitter (@whoatess) that you would like to reserve one, and I will start a PM conversation with you to make sure everything's settled! It will be PRE-PAID! I apologize, but I really don't want to have done a bunch of work and nobody come pick up their commissions!

Thanks SO much, and I hope you consider!! And if anything else, please come say HEY!!! I would love to see you!


much love,

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