Posted May 17, 2018 at 06:29 pm
Hey there!! I just got back from TCAF and had an AMAZING time, so THANK YOU for everybody who came by!! I always love meeting everyone and it's just so great and heartwarming!! I got to do some awesome commissions and shake hands with some really amazing people and I could gush forever but I'll refrain.

SO! Here's some news!! 

FIRST OFF! There's only about 30 HOURS left in the SEEN NOTHING YET Kickstarter Campaign! We've reached the two stretch goals--the campaign now has added an awesome sticker sheet and Owen's Thunderbolt as a patch so you can wear BOTH THEIR SYMBOLS at the same time!! Thank you SO much for the overwhelming success, I'm really speechless!! Here's the last chance to go grab or upgrade tiers before it closes up and we start on working on making all these goodies a reality!

SECOND OFF! I am also a part of ORGANIZED HAVOC'S Acrylic Standee Kickstarter Campaign, where you will find other AMAZING characters from great comics such as BARBAROUS by the stunning Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh, or CHECK PLEASE by the amazing Ngozi Ukazu, ATOMIC ROBO by the genius duo Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, SAINT FOR RENT by the phenomenal Ru Xu, and KNIGHT'S ERRANT by rock star Jenn Doyler! Please give it a peek, so that I can be greedy and see these all into fruition cos I want all the other standees and have an army on my dresser. 

Thank you all so much, and hope you all have been doing well! I have a lot of other really exciting things planned for the future, and I cannot wait to share! You all ROCK and hope you're having a great day and being your best selves. If I had access to emojis right now, you KNOW I'd spam the sparkle.

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