Posted October 27, 2017 at 04:42 pm
Hey everyone! 
I hate doing this kind of stuff, but I've been not only struggling with balancing the payments for my hormonal therapy to transition, but now I want to be able to give my cat Lock the best treatment that he needs in order to recover.
He recently started losing quite a bit of weight, and taking him into the doctor revealed that an unusually large mass was found in his abdomen. We immediately went to do tests and it turns out that there's a very high chance that he has small cell lymphoma, which is something our other cat (Puck) was diagnosed with a year ago. It's very unusual for two cats in the same household to have this problem, and it's absolutely NOT contagious or something they can get from their environment, so it's very surprising and a little disheartening. However, it's also hopeful, because Puck bounced back very well from treatment and is still recovering wonderfully. It just also means that one more cat requires a heavy stack of vet bills that are getting tough.
Posted are a few pictures of what I've had to cover because of his sickness (minus the flea medication, that's just a refill).
That said, anything helps! I'll be posting on my Patreon about his journey, my journey on T, and his recovery, and I thank you SO much for taking the time to listen!
Love you all, and thanks for your support as always!


Here's an example of the wallpaper that Patrons got last month!



Just added the eyeplant enamel pint to the store, so if you've been itching to pick that up here's a good chance!! 

Thanks again for all your support and understanding! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! 

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