Posted September 24, 2020 at 03:42 pm

Hi there! It's been a while! First off, as usual, I just want to thank everyone. I know I say it a lot, but I really mean it. The constant support for Not Drunk Enough and all my work is always appreciated, and I know that I cannot be doing the things I love without the lot of you. So thank you. I sincerely hope that times are finding you safe and well!! There's been so much going on, not only for me personally, but in the world, and it's been a wild several months. There's much I want to say, but I struggle with the right words, so all I will do is take this opportunity to say that if you are American, and have not had a chance to register to vote, I strongly encourage you do so!  Here's a nice guide to figure out how your state best operates to make this as easy for you as possible!! 

But now with actual comic news! I thank you for your patience in this quiet time for Not Drunk Enough! There have been so many exciting projects I've been working on which I am looking forward to sharing with all of you once things get closer to completion, but wanted to announce that NOT DRUNK ENOUGH VOLUME 3 WILL BE RETURNING TO SCHEDULE DECEMBER 1st!! I cannot wait to continue and finish this journey with all of you, but UNTIL THEN I have a little something special and dear to me to share!

LEMON DROP is a project that has tossed around in the back of my head for years and means so much. It's changed faces so many times, and if you're a close follower of me, you might recognize the main character as Palmer, the idiot I can't seem to stop drawing. Starting from here until Not Drunk Enough returns in December, I'll be sharing with you a sneak peak of the comic in its rough form! It's ultimately a story about Demons/Spirits, Pressures of the Expectations of Others and Yourself, while broaching and exploring my own personal struggles with mental illness through a high octane, goofy, neon lens. I hope you enjoy the ride!! 

Thanks SO much for everything, and sending out as MUCH love as possible to everyone,

-Tess Stone!

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