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Posted June 12, 2015 at 02:16 pm

So Logan is my strange protagonist for this flick here, and unsurprisingly, I doodle him a lot. I purposefuly designed him with simplicity in mind; the hair, his features, etc, and dressed him as simply as I could (kinda regret it now though, I love drawing strange clothes). Some random things to know about him:

His black t-shirt is too short because he's probably had it since high school, and he's just grown out of it. Is he too poor to afford a new one? Nah, he just doesn't see a super reason to replace it.

He shaves his own head. Electric razor, a mirror, and it's all good. 

He's kind of a nerd. Despite his appearances, he has a soft spot for certain video games, Pokemon being one of them. Fallout, Dead Space being others, and ironically, kinda digs the horror genre, too. Now you're livin' it buddy. 

He works really hard, plays really hard. When Logan's doing a job he does work really hard (despite having a flask on his hip). Alternately, when the time is right he's really good at not moving from the couch for extremely long periods of time. Like seriously long periods of time---like when do you go to the bathroom?

Has a temper. Okay that's not a random tidbit, that's pretty sufficiently obvious.

Proficient in melee weapons. STATS according to Fallout:

STRENGTH           7
ENDURANCE        9
CHARISMA          5
AGILITY              6
LUCK                   3


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