Posted September 27, 2016 at 09:54 pm

so, as you may have noticed, I SUPER failed to be able to put the two updates out last week!! Things ended up being more hectic, and I was given the advice that instead of killing myself to try to catch up, just use the energy to try and get ahead, so that the schedule could possibly become more STABLE in the future, as opposed to me just...killing myself, getting behind, killing myself, getting behind, RINSE REPEAT!! 


I try to listen, anyways. Most of the time. So I AM very sorry that there were missed updates last week but hopefully I can find a good work method that doesn't provide such an erratic schedule for both you and me!! 

Luckily, though, some things behind the scenes are coming to a close which will help the schedule for Not Drunk Enough and me, in general!! SO LOOK FORWARD TO COOL NEW THINGS IN THE FUTURE!!

Thanks again for always being so understanding of my sick ass and my cats being sick and me travelling and EVERYTHING!! I love you all and appreciate your support OH SO MUCH!!

ALso wanted to mention, that I posted a HALLOWEEN WALLPAPER up on my patreon in early celebration for HALLOWEEN ALL OF NEXT MONTH so maybe take a peek!! SEE IF MAYBE it's something you may like for the month!! LOVE YOU ALL!!


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