Posted January 18, 2017 at 03:32 am

[EDIT] THIS IS THE LAST PAGE GUYS OF THE NEW SCENE! Sorry it's not much to look at, but HOPEFULLY HAS AN UMPHHHHH in print (and in sequential). I'll let this stay the way over the weekend and then put them in their appropriate places in the archive (the archive will get a bit of a rehaul.) Thanks so much!!! 


HEYYYYY I apologize for any confusion, but I really did feel like this needed to end up on the site!!! These new pages are an example of the chunk of work I did for the Kickstarted Printed Version of Vol1 so hopefully that's exciting too! Tolerate me a little longer but at leas this is FINALLY NDE STORY CONTENT 




I've missed it, too.


Love you all


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