Posted January 3, 2017 at 08:27 pm

Hey everyone!! Today's an AWESOME time to tell you about something AWESOME! I was lucky enough to have Not Drunk Enough picked up by OniPress! This doesn't effect your pledge on the Kickstarter if you backed it in anyway! It simply makes another version available with an alternate cover, and this is the cover to it! What this does do is give me an opportunity to make some changes on it for the better with OniPress' help!

A while back I announced on the Kickstarter that I have been working with some editors to make some changes to Vol1 that I've been wanting to do as well as some new suggestions, and that has been with the WONDERFUL editors at OniPress! They've been amazing and helping me flesh it out and iron out some of the kinks, something I originally didn't have the luxury of doing based on the webcomic time schedule! (As well as a professional eye is always Oh So Helpful!) These changes will effect all copies in print, so the Kickstarter version, as well as the future OniPress varient! 

I'm really really hoping you guys enjoy the changes. I'm very excited about them! There's some changes that are minor, like adjusting Logan's facial hair so that it's consistent throughout the book and other consistency errors (like *cough* when randomly he has six fingers *coughcough*), other changes that are slightly more impactful (like cool character intros), added panels to lessen confusion, added dialogue to smooth out some transitions or scenes, and even an entirely new scene at the end of the book.

Again, I couldn' have done any of tihs without you guys, so thank you. I've worked with OniPress in the past with Buzz!, and I'm happy to be doing so again. Now that the new year is starting, I'm excited to show you guys a bunch of new stuff, get going on the second book again, and just honestly tackle this year with as much vigor as I've got! You guys are great, and I hope you've been treating yourself well this new year!!

Love you all!!

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