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Posted Aug.04.15 at 03:04 am

I hope you're ready for some pink and cyan because I am always ready for pink and cyan.


love you dudes! 

I need to do another update about some cool fan things for NDE, so look forward to it!! 


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Posted Jul.30.15 at 03:42 am

who is he, smiling about varker's forehead going PFFSSHHH


what a jerk

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Posted Jul.21.15 at 01:00 am

I've not been able to do as much for the site and shit as I wanted to lately, mostly because I have SO MUCH BACKLOG to catch up on!! BUT HOPEFULLY I'll catch up soon and I can go crazy wth the extra content.

Thanks so much for everybody who reads this stuff and has been sending me AMAZING FANART and such sweet awesome messages. The support is amazing and I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH


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Posted Jul.14.15 at 03:00 am

Chapter Two is happenin' now, WHOAAAAA

That honestly snuck up on me I won't even begin to lie. things are beginning to slowly get estblished while being STILL INCREDIBLY VAGUE, here's hoping this chapter will answer some questions!! AND MAKE YOU FORM SOME OTHERS



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