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Posted September 20, 2016 at 05:27 pm

Hi everyone! I know this is happening a lot and I sincerely apologize but you guys have always been so understanding! 2016 is turning out to be a crazy year (but a good one in most ways!!) and right now the pages for NDE have to be delayed until later this week (most likely Friday and Sunday) but I aim to get two pages still!! THANKS AGAIN!!! 

As for why, I have crazy deadlines right now (but it also means some cool stuff in the future!) and on top of all the deadlines, travelling and cons, my precious kitty Lock has been having some minor helath issues! BUT DON'T WORRY! He is okay and it is all being handled!! It just means it's a bit extra stress on me lately and having to run around and make sure he is ok/comfortable/and everything pans out just fine!

Thanks as always for your suport, and I hope that the wait will be worth it!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! 



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Posted August 30, 2016 at 09:40 pm

Thanks so much for being so patient while last week I had to update a bit irregularly! However we are BACK TODAY with an update, and on schedule for Thursday! Also I wanted to say thanks for all the well-wishes while I was still battling being sick...

You guys are the best!!

Love you all and hope the wait was worth it!!! 



Posted August 24, 2016 at 12:15 am

So sorry again!! I'm really trying to fight what's left of the sickness I got but I think travelling and doing cons (while a LOAD of fun) put me back a little! Trying to get my shit together to make sure I deliver good pages, still!! Thanks so much, and love you all!


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Posted August 4, 2016 at 04:17 pm


Heyy everyone! To start off I wanna apologize for a delayed update, I'm fighting off a fever and while Iw as still doing my best to crank at it I fell behind!! Please put up with me while I try to catch up! THANKS SO MUCH you guys are the best. I know it sucks; my posting has been irregular because of my break and now I'm sick but I'll try to get back on it as best I can and as soon as I can!! 

NEXT THOUGH I WANT TO ANNOUNCE NEXT WEEK I'M GOING TO BE AT BOSTON COMIC CON!! Here's the table assignments and I will still have my NDE prints as well as a REPRINT of SEEN NOTHING YET!! (<< NSFW CLICK!!! )


I"ll be offering con comissiosn as well which are ink busts for 40$ so I hope I can do some for you!! But if anything please come by and say HELLO!! I love meeting you all!!!! 

Also I want to say that I'll be surrounded by some REALLY COOL PEOPLE such as Ananth & Yuko from Johnny Wander!!! And Brian & Scott from Atomic Robo!!!! SO it's really just a cool spot.


Posted July 19, 2016 at 11:05 am

Another week of sketches and sketch comics!! Thanks for being so patient everyone, you guys are the best. This one is probably going to show up somewhere in the inside of the first book somewhere, since I actually turned out liking it a lot! Varker is one of those that is really fun to draw but also a giant pain because of his stupid forehead mouth. Drawing that thing in 3/4ths view STILL gets me grumbling half the time...

Love you all!! I'm also going to try to and get better about making blog posts, so soon I'll be posting stuff about cool fan things I've gotten (cos you guys are amazing) some more things I've been doing and COOL ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! 

Also as a heasd up, I will b going to Boston Comiccon in August, as well as FlameCon in NYC!! Later this year I will be going to CALA in LA in DECEMBER so MARK YOUR CALENDERS! THese are the only cons I have scheduled for the rest of this year, but next year should be a NICE BOUNTY! In Boston Comiccon I'll be iwth my my buds Yuko and Ananth (from Johnny Wander) and Scott Wegener and Brian Clevinger (of Atomic Robo!)

They are also great. Greater than I.

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Posted February 25, 2016 at 03:56 pm

Hey guys! 

So some more news! I decided to start doing a Patreon! As mentioned in the little comic on my Patreon page, I generally like to keep a lot of my content free because I super get that not everyone can afford stuff like this all the time, so please know that if this is not something you can do or feel up to doing, I just 100000% appreciate your supoprt in enjoying the things I do. But I do hope that some of the tiers I've provided seem like a good deal and I'll try to work hard to make it so! 

Hope you consider, and thanks again for EVERYTHING!! Also consider pledging to Ananth and Yuko at Johnny Wander! <3 They're beautiful beans.


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Posted February 24, 2016 at 06:47 pm

Hey! I realize that I KINDA NEVER TALK ON HERE and I should probably do that more often. Here's some stuff that's been going on because stuff's been crazy awesome!!

First off, I'm working on another project with Ananth Hirsh and Sarah Stone! You can find more of Ananth's stuff at Johnny Wander, where he usually does a bunch of awesome work with Yuko Ota! Ananth and I have worked together before though, if you happen to remember Buzz! which was published by OniPress! This time, though, it's not about crazy spelling bees, but rather demons, possibly bad decisions, and maybe some decisions that are a-okay. Maybe not.

You can also find more of Sarah Stone's work at Monster Boys and Robots and drink in her STUNNING art. 

Is This What You Wanted is currently being hosted on Johnny Wander through the end of the first chapter! Then it'll split off into its own site as it keeps going on!! Here' a raddddd preview: 

Next in line is I got to work with the SUPER awesome dudes Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener on their GREAT SUPER RAD SUPER SCIENCE-Y comic, Atomic Robo, which has one of the first pages I worked on up TODAY. I'm super stoked, and if you haven't already read all of Atomic Robo, I highly suggest you give it a go! It's great fun and the art is A+++++. 

Another thing worth noting is an announcement to the cons that I'll be attending this year! I'll only be able to make three, but if you're going to any of these PLEASE come by my table and say hello! It'd make my day!


TCAF in Toronto, May 14th-15th 2016
AX in Los Angeles, July 1st-4th 2016
Boston ComicCon in Boston, August 12-14th, 2016

(I'll post a more permanent schedule on my site soon)

Lastly, I just wanna add that all the support and love I've gotten for Not Drunk Enough always warms my heart. I'm not always the fastest at replying to people (I'm more active on my Twitter! than I am on Tumblr!) but it always means so much to me to hear your messages and see your fanart, fan playlists, etc! If I haven't favorited or replied to you about something you've made, chances are I haven't seen it! (And boy do I love seeing it). You can go ahead and poke me on either social media (and I plan on getting an Instagram going soon as well). I'd like to start highlighting the cool stuff I get more often here, just to thank you guys for being all so rad!!

There's a lot of cool stuff happening this year and I'm just oh so grateful. I hope everyone's doing wondefully! Love you all. <3  



Posted September 17, 2015 at 12:56 am

I've been looking forward to this page for a bit!! That said, I am REALLY grateful to my sister for helping me SO MUCH with the animation bits. She helped with the effects so much and honestly without her this page would be a lot more boring. That said, her amazing coaching has given me new ideas!! I hope you dig, and I'm gonna try to push this goofy horror comic EVEN MORE than before!! 

Thanks everyone and MWAH

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Posted August 25, 2015 at 01:34 pm

I somehow funked up my wrist, but Not Drunk Enough will continue to update Tuesdays and Thursdays, every week! SCOUTS HONOR

Extra doodles, however, are kind of on hold as I try to not to overwork it while it's healing. Unfortunately, this also means commissions, so if you've commissioned me recently, there's a bit of a hold up for now. Hopefully I'll get bcack in the swing of things soon. It does seem to be recovering, just a lot slower than I'd like... T ___ T

As for the comic, I've been trying to experiment a bit with these last several pages, attaching bolder colors to this particular scene. I fret a lot, about it being 'too different' from the beginning, but I suppose all things evolve. Truth is, I just really love bright, annoying colors.

KISS KISS lovelove, thanks for readin!

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